How we work

We approach every assignment with curiosity and enthusiasm, but also with an analytical, systematic, and critical attitude. Our broad expertise and years of experience in de field enable us to be performers, as well as sounding boards and sparring partners.

Quick and agile
We are a compact agency with a flexible network. This enables us to respond quickly and effectively to different questions and requests, with help from experts in our network if necessary.

International development cooperation is about people. People who want to improve their wellbeing, knowledge and mobility. And people who initiate, finance and execute development processes. For us, an assignment is only successful when it contributes the people’s ability to make genuine progress.

Together with our client, independent and involved
Our client is the most important partner in our work. We perform every assignment in close cooperation with partners and target groups. This way, we make sure our work matches directly with your processes and objectives.

Practical and understandable
We do not hide behind jargon and complicated models, but deliver relevant and reliable services and products that are easy to understand and apply by everyone involved.

With a broad outlook
International development cooperation does not happen in a vacuum. This is why we do our work with a broad social outlook. Where possible, we initiate and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between international development cooperation and other social areas of interest.

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What do our clients say?

"In past years, Bureau Wyser has carried out various assignments for 'Wilde Ganzen' (Wild Geese Foundation) to our great satisfaction. You get two smart men who stand for their work, reliable with the appointments you make with them, critical and transparent in their feedback and open-minded in what you return to them! They are capable to create clear added value in the cooperation that you start with them."

Jolande Koole, Coördinator Team Project enquiries, Wilde Ganzen