Bureau Wyser enjoys having a conversation about your project or organisation. We have talked and worked with various NGOs, enterprises and governments on various topics and programs in international development and/or sustainable tourism. From our positive-critical attitude, we view every topic from multiple perspectives. We take different interests into account, have an eye for trends and offer a creative and pragmatic outlook on expected results and effects.

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A selection of organisations we have advised:

Further improvement of the monitoring, evaluation and learning of the Uganda Country Strategy Paper 2016-2020. For example improving and finalising the results framework and it's quality assurance (2017)

Developing a framework and method to measure (analyse and report) the effects (impact) of Booking Cares (2016-2017)

Enhancing the application procedure for the Vastenactie grant and developing a tool - within a systematic approach - to assess project proposals (2015-2016)

Developing an M&E indicator framework for NIMD's strategic partnership with AWEPA and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2015)

Research and advice on professionalising the volunteer pool of Agriterra (2014)

Coaching and sparring on the realization of a self-help guide and toolkit for teachers in a developing context to perform inclusive education (2014)

Evaluation of Source Connection community based tourism project in Simonga, Zambia (2014)

Advice on developing Doozze as a social entrepreneur in community based tourism. Doozze is a platform where travelers can book a homestay (2013-2016)

Advice on company strategy and cooperation in order to achieve the target to sell 1 million glasses in 2014.

Co creation and design of the intervention strategy and business plan (2012)

We have designed a toolkit and training strengthening public support for participating organizations of the E-Motive programme (2010)